Teach Your Kids About The Power Of Saving Money With This New Chapter Book

Analysis Alice and the Stripy Sweater Book Cover

Are there elementary schoolers in your life who could benefit from learning about the basics of personal finance? There are a number of books meant to teach kids about money, but many of them are nonfiction. And what kid wants to read a textbook? For this reason, I have written a fictional children’s chapter book entitled Analysis Alice and the Stripy Sweater, which is meant to teach kids about saving money. It is the first book in a planned series of Analysis Alice books, each of which will focus on one personal finance topic. I chose to start with saving money since this is a foundational skill necessary to understand before covering more advanced topics. Analysis Alice and the Stripy Sweater is currently available for pre-order and will be released on May 2nd. You can pre-order the eBook here (currently ranked number 32 in Children’s Money Books!), or you can wait to purchase the paperback or hardcover version after the release date.

Analysis Alice and the Stripy Sweater is ranked 32 in the Children’s Money Books category on Amazon!

What is Analysis Alice and the Stripy Sweater About?

Analysis Alice and the Stripy Sweater focuses on an 8-year-old girl named Alice, who often goes to the mall on the weekend with her best friend, Joanne, spending her $5 allowance for the week on sticky notes and colorful pens. On one such trip, she falls in love with a stripy purple and pink sweater, but it costs $100, far more than she can afford. With her parents unwilling to buy it for her, Alice returns to school empty-handed. But when self-proclaimed rich girl Stephanie boasts about her $50 monthly allowance, which would be enough to buy the sweater in just two months if she didn’t spend the money as soon as she got it, Alice comes to realize that maybe she can save up for the sweater herself. With Christmas around the corner and her friends planning fun, but costly, trips, will Alice be able to stick to her plan, and what will she learn along the way?

What is the Format of the Book?

Analysis Alice and the Stripy Sweater is a children’s chapter book (think Magic Tree House), consisting of 15 chapters and about 80 pages. It is not illustrated. It will be available as an eBook, a paperback, and a hardcover.

Who is the Book for?

Like most chapter books, this book is primarily aimed at children aged 6-9 (grades 1-4). If your elementary schooler knows what money is (and especially if they get an allowance), then this book is perfect for them. The writing should be at a level that your child can understand and read on their own, but it would also be great for reading aloud to an interested younger child.

Where can I get it?

I am publishing the book through Amazon KDP, using the guide I wrote here. The eBook is currently available for pre-order. The paperback and hardcover versions will be available after the release on May 2nd. (Amazon does not allow pre-orders for paperback and hardcover at the moment, unfortunately.) After the release, you can also request it from your local bookstore or library.


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